My name kadek Sugiarta but people call me kadek, I was born in a small village and I am from a small hard worker, I came from a simple family, Kadek Bali Driver & tour guide for over 7 years and i am prepare for convertible car,
i have served clients from all of the world like Australia, India, Singapura, all over Europa, japan, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, hongkong, Tailan, USA to name few. I am here to help you anyway you’d like whether planing ful day itinerary.
Kadek Bali Driver, Tour and Personal Driver in Bali
Kadek Bali Driver is a team of experienced and professional drivers in Bali lead by Kadek Sugiarta We are offering you a personal and complete service for all your Bali travel needs.

As experienced Bali guides and professional drivers, we are offering you a personal, complete service for all your Bali travel needs. Our website is designed to get in touch with travelers visiting Bali, looking for a different way of traveling – away from the hustle and bustle of commercialized tourism, bringing you directly to the roots of Bali Hindu culture, showing you the secrets and beauty of this island.