Bali Dolphin Water Sport Tanjung Benoa

Bali dolphin water sport tanjung benoa, very suitable for you who want to have a unique experience to meet the dolphins directly. You can meet the marine mammals dolphins are incredible and friendly in this place. You can invite your child, your family, or your friends to enjoy the exciting experience of visiting the dolphin’s cage.

The location is located above the sea pens floating in the ocean is famous for its dolphins tour. It is precisely located in a sea quarry floating offshore near Sanur with a depth of 12 meters. There friendly mammals will amaze you with their intelligence, physical abilities and softness. To get there it takes 5 minutes by boat to get to our cage.

The right choice to visit with your family right?

Because you will spend 40 minutes in the dolphin enclosure specially designed by Us. You and your family will have the opportunity to enjoy the sensation of close and personal contact with the dolphins. Contacts made through petting, hugging, kissing, and playing with dolphins!

But you need to know, dolphin tour in watersport Tanjung Benoa this is a seasonal tour. This tour can be enjoyed during the busy months of the peak season – June to September. For that matter, the importance of you planning ahead and ordering well in the previous day and now is the right time.

If you will want to enjoy Bali dolphin water sport you can contact us kadek Bali driver. We will help you prepare all your needs during the tour at watersport cape this benoa. Starting from lunch, transportation to Tanjung Benoa and others

You simply book this tour at this time to get a chance to meet with the dolphins. Come on, take advantage of the opportunity for close contact with the dolphins with Us!